Who Am I?

Hi My name is Joseph L Warren… I’m the Owner of e-Synergy Marketing Specialists, LLC.

My friends and Clients simply call me….     Joseph.  Feel welcome to do the same.

My wife Janet (My BFF) and I started the business back in 2000, as Gifts & Collectibles Merchandise Distributors. I went Door-to-Door selling different types of  Gifts & Collectible products-line merchandise.  We offered everything from Kitchen & Bath to Lawn & Garden… Candles & Oil-burners to Kids-Toys.

After several months of door to door sales and being told No.. more then I could count.. This one day,

I had been walking and selling all over the near by neighbors, and afterwards, I was tired, feeling sort of rejected and very disappointed… I walking across this parking lot in North Charleston, I decided then to.. go home and tell the wife I was done and I was going to find something else to do.. I walked up on an Asian Grocery store.. The First Asian Grocery If I recall. This store had some merchandise displayed on their shelves that were very similar to one of our Product-Lines. As I studied their products and compared it to ours… I noticed.. our products were actually better looking.

So, I went home and dumped on my wife how I tired and disappointed I was and mentioned the Asian store.  After that we took a look at our distributorship program and realized.. If we tweaked our Pricing and process for sales.. we could offer our merchandise to Stores.. Our Light-Bulb came on. So we edited our in-house Catalogs and our ordering forms for pricing and I went to the First Asian grocery store and talked to the owners.

After showing our product lines and our pricing.. believe it or not.. I walked away with a Check for $387.63 for an order of our Merchandise.  MAN.. what a fine day that was!  Huge sale with a promise from the owners that if the Merchandise sold well… They would start ordering from us regularly and probably more at a time.

6 months later.. after going out and selling my heart out…I managed to obtain about 17 independent Mom & Pop Stores we were supplying quality merchandise to on a regular bases. During this time, I build a really good rapport with these business owners. Often times.. while visiting them during a delivery or just when I was in the area and stopped in .. They would ask my opinion about different business related things like .. Advertising and Marketing they could do for their business as well as things like using merchant-processing systems.

When these questions started becoming regular.. I started doing some serious home work (research) so I could give competent answers. And when asked I’d give as much as I knew and if I didn’t know something.. I be real and tell them.. I don’t know the answer to that right now. But give me a few days and I’ll get you an answer.

Now, all the while I was gaining more Stores and learning advertising & Marketing…. We were building our first Website to present to business owners so they could Go Online to our website and order products from us.

We even created a CD with all of our products and pricing on it that I would pass out to our Store owners so in case they didn’t have Internet connection, they could use the CD to pick and choose and Hand-write out their order.  Now, back in 2000, thru 2004.. not many businesses had Internet-connection. A computer yes… Internet naa..

Now, a un-expected thing happened. After showing our CD & mostly our Website to our Customers and new Customers.. Here’s what they said..

 “Joseph, this Website thingy you have here… is a Great Idea…

…Could you build a Website thingy like this… for my Business!”

To be Honest.. my first reaction was, I was very disappointed. My feeling were hurt! My wife and I spent a ton of hours designing and developing this Website so we could… sell more Items.

But, our customers were more interested in getting their own Website.  So, I went and told my wife about all of the Website praises… But.. how all they cared about was and asked about was … if we could a make them one!

Janet, My wife has been working with computers since there was only DOS.. ( Black screen, and only Text)

She’s a pretty smart cookie. Between teaching her self website creation and multiple programming languages and with the help and advice of our dear, dear friend Cary Price. (God Rest his Sole).  Janet’s Skills have come a long way!

Anyway.. Janet and I had another .. Company Meeting! We had a big discussion about Websites and other things Business owners were asking us about and how we could position our business to help them.

So, we went and talked to our buddy Cary and discussed it with him.. come to find out as a business owner… He had no time to do the advertising & Marketing for his own.. Computer service and Web-hosting business!

After hearing this.. Janet and I just looked at each other.. And we knew what we had to do… We had to do some more research to decide if we should get into the “Marketing” field.

Well… back then… It didn’t take much or very long to figure out… Marketing using the Internet was the next big thing since the TV. So, of course, We began to offer Websites & Web Hosting, Logo’s and other Graphics and eMail marketing was starting to become a big thing. That and electronic-Newsletter which your bigger corporate types were interested in.

So basically.. It Was On! We started selling Websites and doing some Consulting.

During this time.. Janet’s Mom called me and explained that Bob, Janet’s Dad was becoming ill and if we could come and help with his care-giving. They lived about an hour away. After a few trips and Bob’s health becoming worse.. I was convinced it was better to move closer to them. So we did… which at the same time made selling products to stores more expensive as well as limited my time to sell.


We Had To Make A Huge Decision

Do we keep selling merchandise or go full blown into Marketing. After a Family-Meeting… a Meeting about the Numbers.. the Numbers proved, We needed to move deeper into the Marketing Field.  And that’s what we did!  And since then, for the last 12 years.. we’ve been a provider of..  Marketing Services & Consultant Company!


So, there you have it. That’s how I got into the … Marketing Field.

Since then, I’ve research and studied just about everything I could get my hands on about Marketing Techniques and Strategies written by some of the Best of the Best in the Advertising & Marketing Field.  From.. Henry Ford to Brian Tracy .. from Joe Sugarman to Dan Kennedy! The Supper Hero’s of Marketing.  And a bunch of smart up and coming Marketers.

I’ve taken what they teach and implemented it for Clients and have recorded the Results.  In other words… Using what I’ve learned,  I’ve been able to provided Clients with a R.O.I!   ( A Return On Investment )

Now, as I said, I’m a Marketing services provider and Consultant. As a service provider, I’ve provided Marketing services for Locally owned businesses for last 12 years.

Services such as…
Website Hosting, Desktop and Mobile Websites, Company Logo’s, Facebook Fan-Pages, Company Youtube Channels, Electronic-Newsletters, eMail Marketing Campaigns, Contact-Collection Form Pages, Video Marketing and a lot of other marketing-services that are applied behind the curtain that promote a local business.


Besides being a services provider, I’m a Marketing-Consultant. As a Consultant…

I’ve spent countless hours with potential clients and present clients discussing various Marketing Techniques & Strategies. Just like most consultants do.


But,.. What’s makes me different… Because of this… TIME & Patience.

I’m a Teacher at heart… which let’s me take the “Salesman-position” out of the equation and Teach.

I educate and inform business owners about “How” different marketing processes are set up, “How they Flow and “What” they the Systems are expected to do and “What Results” the Systems expected to get.

– This is the part of consulting I love!


When I describe how a simply (Customer Getting) Lead-Generation System is set-up, Then, does it’s job and can Show the result of that “SYSTEM” and the Business Owner gets the Light-bulb to turn on or,

The business owner gets that ..AHH Moment… That’s My Moment of Glory and Pride!


My process..

I do this by simply… breaking down the System into small bite sized pieces and associated the components with real life things.. Like a Auto-responder compared to an Answering machine… and explaining in common English terms what is happening… and how it makes them Sales…


The Business Owner then understands what the system is and how it can help their business.

This is what I bring to the Table for Clients!